Ah dads, traditional defenders of the garden, mowers of the lawn, and kings of the shed. What would we do without them?

Today we’re looking at ways to give your dad a little garden treat when it comes to Father’s Day on Sunday 19th June (just in case you didn’t know!).

Whether your padre is a seasoned gardening pro, or even if he’s a total novice, we’ve got something for everyone.

Potting bench
Using a potting bench for potting up might sound obvious, but let’s just think about the benefits. Having a range of pots in all shapes and sizes right there on a handy shelf means you don’t need to go rooting around the garden looking for the right container. Making use of the galvanised tray means you can quickly and efficiently get all your seedlings potted on really easily.

Tool Sheds
If you’re short on space, or don’t have as much to store, a dedicated tool shed can be an excellent choice. We’ve got tool sheds in two sizes; medium and small and naturally, as you’ve come to expect from us, they are made from the highest quality materials. Our medium tool sheds are perfect for storing tools like spades and forks and so on. Our small sheds are exactly the right size for smaller tools, pots, compost and all those half-used tins of paint we like to keep around.

Protect your dad’s delicate hands with a pair of our award winning gardening gloves. Gardening gloves are a great idea for lots of reasons. Seasoned pros can’t do without a few pairs dotted about here and there, and beginners shouldn’t shy away either. It’s good to have a few pairs suited to different jobs made from different materials such as leather ones, a waterproof pair, and a cheap work, or ‘rigger’ pair of gloves.

Try our leather trimmed, padded gloves for tough jobs with thorns, or heavy lifting, or our denim and leather-trimmed pair for general heavy jobs around the garden. Ours are made from the highest quality materials and are award winning. As tough as he might pretend to be, Dad’s hands are no match for the garden. Think brambles, heavy lifting, digging, and general garden muck.


Shed Tidy
If your papa likes to keep an orderly shed (and we’ve heard about extremely elaborate shed tidying systems, believe us!), then you can’t go wrong with our Burgon and Ball Shed Tidy. This great little gadget keeps everything your dad will need close at hand, and in an orderly fashion. Hand tools, string, rags and assorted bits and bobs all have a place here. The best though, has to the carrying handle that means your dad can easily grab his tidy and take it anywhere he wishes.

Tool Storage Unit
Our final Father’s Day gift recommendation is the brilliant tool storage unit. If your dad has clocked up a serious collection of fine gardening tools, this unit is just about perfect. It has space to store twelve full size tools and its compact shape and size means it fits perfectly in the corner of the shed.

With brilliant gifts at a full range of price points, we’ve got something for everyone’s favourite gardening dad. What will suit your perfect pop?