Picture the scene, a long, hot dusky night. The clink of glasses as the champagne is poured. The gentle laughter of your lovely friends chattering amongst the stars, the fading sun setting over the rooftops and the gentle heat withering down to a balmy evening… are we there yet?


Granted it’s not the best time of year to help your imaginations along, but summer is just around the corner and who knows when we’ll get a strangely timed heat wave given the behaviour of the weather over the last few years?


Before you head on outside, use our guide to help you plan your perfect summer.


Dining options

You may opt for a full dining set for your garden complete with parasol, or you may prefer something on a smaller scale. If you do, check out our range of wine stands and holders – some of which can be wall-mounted. These are perfect for that lazy evening tipple on the lawn – whether lounging on a picnic rug, or kicking back in a garden chair.



No evening soiree in the garden is complete without a spot of mood lighting. Candles in jam jars, string lights wrapped around the arms of the parasol, or some tasteful garden lanterns like ours are the perfect accessory for any kind of garden party. We’ve got some really elegant lanterns that come in a range of sizes and colours, and we’ve also got some brilliant copper storm lanterns for those looking for something a little bit different.



Chimineas, fire pits, and gas heaters all make great options for a little extra heat of an evening – especially if the summer isn’t quite heating up as it should. Having a few cheap blankets to hand is also a good plan – nobody needs to shiver at a glorious garden party. Prices range of course, but a fire pit dug into a patio area can be had for free – this might be a better option for those without children.



When the weather heats up, hard to imagine right now admittedly, so does the bug population. Little critters of all sizes wait around looking for the perfect bit of human flesh to chomp into and the perfect glass of Pimms to fall into. Dot your entertaining area with citronella candles to keep the nasties away and keep a little bug spray on hand to dish out to guests.



Now, there are certain facts about the great British weather. One such fact is that we absolutely cannot forget about the ever-present threat of rain. With this in mind, it is best when designing outdoor entertainment areas, to install some sort of cover -either a temporary one, or something more permanent. Gazebos, awnings, even a veranda can really help you get the most out of your garden – whatever the weather. Being prepared in this way can mean the difference between a planned barbecue, and an entertainment disaster.


Here’s to a great summer of fun - cheers!