Climbing plants


Climbing plants make a beautiful and sometimes fragrant way to screen areas of the garden you may be less keen to look out to. You might have a nasty fence you want to cover in a hurry, or want to install a pergola to separate certain sections of your garden. In such cases, it’s far better to look out on gorgeous flowers rambling away than the bare wood of an old fence. If this sounds like your situation, opting for fast growers and crazy climbers is a good move.



As long as you remember that planting ivy too close to your home can end up damaging your brickwork, this sturdy little plant grows like mad in no time at all and is self-clinging. English Ivy can grow up to 40 feet and needs to be cut back in winter to promote further growth. Ivy can also be used as ground cover and so makes a good option for those looking to cover bare patches in flower beds.



Clematis, on the other hand, will need some support and fixing as it can’t stick on its own. There are tons of varieties out there, depending on what type of flower you prefer, two popular options are Clematis Montana, and Clematis Armandii. Both of these plants are great climbers though its only Montana that is evergreen.



Japanese Wisteria is a dreamy plant. Deciduous, this plant is covered with long, weeping, light purple flower clusters from late spring and need to be pruned back after flowering. This really is gorgeous climbing up over doorways, along fences, or dropping gently from a pergola.



Honeysuckle is strongly scented and produces beautiful flowers of red, white and yellow. It can grow up to 30 feet in ideal conditions and with support, and looks amazing weaving though taller plants and trees like willows.


Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine is another sweetly scented flowering climber that produces small white flowers in the late spring and summer. This gorgeous plant has the added benefit of being an evergreen so it’s great for year-round interest. Jasmine grows to about 20 feet so can be ideal if you want to make a bit impact in a relatively smaller space.


Where to grow

Climbing plants look fantastic pretty much anywhere you choose to plant them. They look charming growing up a wall of the house, splendid rambling along a fence or trellis, inviting arching over a pergola, and intriguing weaving through the branches of a tree. One of the nicest things about many climbers is their scent. Honeysuckle sends out the most glorious scent every evening over the summer. As does Star Jasmine, when it flowers. Scented, flowering plants do a great job of attracting bees and insects to the garden so if you include one of these climbers, you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment too.


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