We love a bit of bird spotting here at The Garden Style Company.

If you’re a fellow twitcher, you’ll already know that September and October are the very best months in which to spot the arrival of geese and wading birds.

You should have already started to see flocks and flocks of birds who have spent the summer in the arctic and Iceland (why? We shall never know…). It’s hello whooper swans, mallards, and tufted ducks.

But what we gain, we lose as lots of our native birds speed off sensibly for a spot of winter sun in various African countries. Off go the house martins, the turtle doves and the nightingales.

Where to Spot Take Offs and Landings

The best place to station yourself for a spot of bird watching is an island or coastal area. If you can, the Isles of Scilly are fantastic for spotting our feathered friends on their September journeys.

There are loads of organised bird watching observatories dotted around the country and a whole plethora of Wildlife and Wetland Trusts sites as well.

If you’re really serious, make sure you go for first thing in the morning or around dusk as this is when you’re most likely to catch a bird returning to or leaving their roost.

Pack your binoculars and make sure you stay safe. Don’t get all over excited and end up wading out into the sea or coming a cropper over rough terrain.

How to Help Your Garden Birds

If you prefer staying a little closer to home, there are plenty of ways to attract birds into your own garden.

A Bird Table

Bird tables are a garden classic. They offer twitchers plenty of opportunities to check out the birds living in and around the garden, and can be beautiful objects. Bird tables can be home-made or shop bought and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are open, some have tiled roofs – we think birds might feel a little more secure using a covered table as they are less open to predators while they feed.

You can add good quality ready-mixed birdseed, or you can make your own special varieties. The RSPB advise sunflower seeds, soaked sultanas, grated cheese, mealworms and seed mixes.

Bird Houses

Birds love tucked away places to hide from the worst of the winter weather – and your pet cat. Bird houses make the ideal accessory for your garden. Just ensure you install your bird house away from any potential predators just waiting for a spot of bird-shaped lunch.

Make sure your garden is bird ready this Autumn! Go on our website now to see how you can make your garden irresistible to our feathered friends with our new bird care range.