We’ve looked at our top five ground cover plants in the past but because there is so much variety out there, we couldn’t resist coming back for a second look.

Ground cover plants are the perfect way to add blocks of colour to your borders, and tackle bare patches at the same time.

These tough little growers tend to be pretty hardy and can be found in a variety of environments. This means that there is definitely something out there for every gardener, and every garden.

Today, we’re looking at our top five ground cover beauties.

Lemon Balm

For some gardeners, lemon balm should come with a warning but if you’re careful, there’s no reason why this tough plant can’t work well in your garden. Lemon balm can be invasive and can take over your borders if you;re not careful. Some gardeners advocate growing it in shady areas to avoid it running off on the rampage. Lemon balm is worth it though, especially if you have a problem with biting insects as it’s a great insect deterrent.



As with lemon balm, mint can very easily get a little big for its boots if left to its own devices. Another edible, this little plant is great at filling in tough spaces and of course, smells wonderful, and can be picked and eaten - win win!

If you’re worried about rampaging mint all over your garden, why not give it a try in a container instead?



If you’re looking for flowering ground cover, then look no further than the oseteospermum. This one has one of the longest flowering season and comes in a range of colours to complement the rest of your planting scheme. It’s also quite happy to be neglected and this is the reason it makes it onto our list - we’re all for easy gardening.


We love a bit of periwinkle here at The Garden Style Company. This tough cookie is a shade lover and can even be grown underneath the plant-killing leylandi. With gorgeous purply-blue coloured flowers, this low growing plant is a real favourite and a brilliant way to add colour to your shady patches.


If you have a smaller garden, or don’t want to grow plants that might interfere with the rest of your planting scheme, why not give these guys a try in a container?

Add a layer of broken crockery, or medium sized stones to the bottom. Next, fill almost to the top with good quality peat-free compost, then pop in your plants, water and feed, and Bob’s your uncle.

Choose one of our fab containers ready-made with pre-drilled drainage holes, and a geo-textile liner. Try the trough-shaped Olea planter, with its large capacity, you get to show off the glory of these ground cover plants, while keeping them well under control at the same time. The perfect option for the smaller garden.


Why not take a good look at your garden and work out where your difficult patches are?