You know us, we’re always thinking about the next step in the garden. Now the blooms of summer have gone, memories of summer are fading, and the nights are drawing in, it’s time to turn our attention to preparing our gardens for the long winter months ahead.

Today we’re looking at autumn jobs to make sure your garden is ready for winter.


Now is the time to turn your attention to your lawn in preparation for a dormant winter and the spring and summer of next year. If you have any patches of moss, take time now to really scratch it all out with a spring-tined rake. Keep your lawn clear of moss and any thatching. Get busy with short stiff rake or a pair of tined shoes, and poke holes across your lawn to help aeration. You can add a layer of sand too to help break up any especially claggy sections. Finally add a good dollop of lawn feed and your lawn can have the rest it deserves over the winter.

Leaf Mould

Making leaf mould is quick, easy, and cheap. Collect all your deciduous leaves in a bin-bag, poke a good few holes through the bottom and a little way up the sides, and if the leaves are dry, sprinkle with water. Tie up the bag then stash leaf-filled bin bags in a hidden area under a tree or behind a shed so they don’t ruin the look of your garden and ‘leaf’ Mother Nature to do her work.

While we’re at it, don’t forget to position some fine mesh netting over your garden pond. Doing so means you can easily catch any fallen leaves before they start to cause a problem in your pond.

Lift delicate souls

If you have any tender plants, now is the time to move them indoors or somewhere sheltered before the first frosts can do any damage. Some plants can be taken in by pot, and some need to be cut back and stored somewhere dry. Make sure to always check the care instructions of your plants for more precise detail.


If you have a greenhouse, now is a good time to get it ready for next spring. Give it a good spring clean to reduce the risk of pests and diseases by disinfecting the glass, any surfaces, and any paving. Make sure you remove any shading you might have in place, and finally make sure all gutters are kept clear of falling leaves.


Sorry to say it, but those annuals are well past it by now. Give your borders a good going over and get rid of anything that belongs in the compost heap. Now is also a good time to move anything you’re not happy with and to add a good thick layer of compost or well-rotted organic matter.

Get out there this weekend and get your garden ship shape and Bristol fashion before the first frosts. Remember to treat yourself after all that hard work with a nice cup of tea and well-earned biscuit.