Today we’re looking at how to keep the magic of your garden going right the way through the winter.

Now that autumn is upon is, the time is right to add a touch of panache here and there so that your garden remains a source of joy all winter long.

In the interests of adding a little interest to the dormant winter garden, there are plenty of options for gardeners of all abilities. Read on and find out how to add a little sparkle to your garden during the long hard winter.

Dead Heading
Leaving some spent flowers on the plant through the winter is a two-for-one offer. Not only do you get the beauty of the full bloom summer flower, but you also get the core structure and shape through the winter. Don’t forget, leaving spend flowers can also be beneficial to birds who might just find a tasty morsel or two.

You don’t need to leave every spent flower – that could well end up looking a little too Miss Haversham for some tastes. Instead, leave a few on each plant dotted throughout your garden and you should get the full ethereal winter beauty.

By virtue of their name, evergreens retain their colour and leaves right the way through the year. While all your deciduous plants and trees have long dropped their leaves, an evergreen like cordylines, skimmia japonica, and euonymus fortune keep going all winter long.

Structure and shape
There really is no more unusual a plant than the twisted hazel. This relatively small tree not only looks gorgeous with bright green leaves during the summer, but with its fabulously twisted branches and stem, retains its show-stopping looks right the way through the winter as well.

Another fab option for some winter structure is to add some ornamental grasses to your planting scheme. Over the winter, their dormant state adds loads of structure and shape to your borders – and they look lovely covered in frost.

Garden ornaments
Of course, a quick and easy way to add a little interest to your garden over the winter, is to add some gorgeous ornaments. Why not check out our range of quirky and unusual ceramic fruits in a range of styles and sizes? Our ornamental ceramic strawberries can liven up the gloomiest of winter landscapes with their vibrant colour.

Our strawberries and cherries make an incredible feature area, and are a real talking point. Whether you place them on your decking, a corner of your lawn, alone or in a group, these bright and colourful garden ornaments are an easy way to inject some life and colour into your winter garden.

There are always plenty of ways to make your garden dazzle and shine, hopefully this blog post has added a few more strategies to your tool box.

How can you make the most of your winter garden by adding some structural interest?