If you have a decked area, a patio or even a gravelled courtyard garden, then knowing how to handle planter gardening should be right at the top of your to-do list. Planters work brilliantly to make a big impact in a tiny space, or to add interest to a larger one.


Planter gardening means you have total control over where to locate your plants and can help you to create specific areas that may have been difficult to do otherwise. Planters can be designed to add colour or interest for every season and can be switched up and around depending on your needs or interests. If you decide certain plants aren’t working or you have a change of heart, planters are very forgiving and very portable.


Whether you go for informal grouping, or a more regimented design, planter gardening suits every gardener from the total beginner, to the more seasoned pro.



The best thing about planter gardening is that you can re-use all sorts of objects to make stunning style statements, even in the smallest of spaces. Old chimney pots, wheelbarrows, and even old boots can be re-purposed. Whatever planter you go for, make sure to give it a clean before you get to work. Give the planter a scrub with a hard bristled brush and some soapy water making sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards. This makes sure there aren’t any nasty pests or bugs that might mess with your tender young plants. After that, line the planter with some plastic sheeting to help retain moisture, fill the bottom with broken terracotta, crockery, or stones for drainage and then fill with peat-free compost. For extra zing, you can add some organic matter too from your own compost bin if you have one on the go.



There are so many planting options out there for planter gardens it would be difficult to cover everything here. We’ve got some blog updates on the way about specific planting options for the seasons so keep you eyes peeled for those. It goes without saying that we have a great range of responsibly sourced planters so head over to our planters page to check out what we’ve got in stock.

To get started, geraniums, nasturtiums, muscari, crocuses, pansies, and daffodils can all make a great addition to all sorts of planter designs.


Whatever you choose to pot up in your planter, keep in mind what overall effect you are trying to create. Are you looking for single plants grouped together? Perhaps you prefer a more boho weeping and trailing look? Whatever design you eventually decide on, the beauty of planter gardening means you can move everything around as much as you like without fear of disturbing the plants inside.


So, check out our range of high quality European pine planters of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Our planters are made to suit all budgets, and all sizes of garden. Enjoy!