Today we’re going to look specifically at three beautiful indoor plants. Having some healthy plants in your home is a sure fire way to improve your internal environment as well as to liven up your décor. It is a long-known fact that having indoor plants improves the air quality in your home and boosts the oxygen content – magical things.

Pots about pots

The first thing you’ll need is the perfect receptacle. Fortunately for you, we have lots of indoor plant pots for you to choose from. We’ve even got sets of five so you can house all your lovely new plants with one order. Our sea green, raspberry, and cool grey pots come as a set of five in a range of sizes. Perfect for succulents, and the varieties we’ve outlined for you here. The colour choices of our pots mean you can really make a stunning statement depending on your choice of plant. Go for complementary tones if you want a classic look, or clashing colours if you want a bit of pizazz in your home decorating scheme.

Plant Choices

Mother-in Law’s Tongue

Sometimes known by its real name, sansevieria trfiasciata, and sometimes as snake plant, these brilliant architectural plants originate from West Africa. Mother in law’s Tongue is actually an evergreen perennial and looks fab all year round. They’re also pretty forgiving and can tolerate poor watering, or forgetful owners, very well. Don’t get on the wrong side of this plant though, there’s a very good reason for that name. These plants can have sharp, pointy leaves so do be careful not to rub this mother-in-law up the wrong way.


These guys are tough as they come. They tolerate near total abandonment with grace and aplomb, and they look pretty great to boot. They’re also pretty awesome at removing nasty toxins from your environment so winners all round we say.


These little bulbs have so much potential. Once they burst forth, they give long lasting, or beautifully scented, blooms in a variety of colours. You can even force these bulbs so you can have year-round flowers if you time them right, and if you stagger the planting first. Specially prepared bulbs need darkness for up to ten weeks before they can bloom so do pay careful attention to the instructions on the packet you buy. Also be aware that these bulbs can attack! Protect your hands with a pair of our gardening gloves to defend yourself against the tiny spiky pin-sharp crystals these bad boys release.


Whichever plant you choose, make sure you read the instruction label carefully. While it is true to say that plants from the same family groups often require the same sort of care, there is scope with house plant choice for some more radical and unusual choices. The plants we’ve listed here for example, all have very differing needs.

Whatever you go for, take good care of your new houseplants and they will bring you years of clean air, beautiful blooms, stunning leaves, and if you’re very lucky, real, and natural scent.